"Emergency phone support and on-site service visits."

Urgent/Emergency IT Support

Urgent/Emergency Computer Support & Repair

50% of the time when a client with an urgent or emergency need for computer support services contacts us to fix their computer, we are able to resolve their problem over the phone (even higher phone success rate when remote access is available).

The benefits of emergency phone support for our valued clients are:

  • Reduced cost – Urgent/Emergency phone support time is billed at 1/2 the hourly rate of an on-site visit; our billing clock starts after the first 15 minutes of the call and ends when the call is completed.
  • Increased customer efficiency & reduced “down time” – The ability to resolve a problem quickly over the phone vs the time involved to bring a computer into a shop or a technician to travel to a customer’s premises, can be a significant time savings for a client.

Maynard Service Guarantee

We offer clients the following “Maynard Service Guarantee” if you should contact us with an urgent or emergency computer repair issue needing IT support help:

  1. Live answer or call back within 3 hours (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm)
  2. Urgent/Emergency phone support will be the first step taken to resolving your problem, and includes:
    • Initial problem identification and cause analysis
    • Where possible, resolution over the phone with remote access if needed
    • If unable to resolve over the phone, an estimate is provided if an on-site visit is required.
  3. Urgent/Emergency service visit if needed, includes
    • Thorough on-site analysis of the problem.
    • Physical inspection of computer and peripheral equipment.
    • Resolution of the hardware or software problem (system recovery, installation of software, fixing or replacing hardware, etc.).
    • Recommended optional installation of (free) remote access software to facilitate future support and reduce or prevent need for future on-site urgent/emergency visits.

Common Computer Emergencies

System crash – Could be due to software corruption or hardware problem. Resolution usually involves operating system and data recovery.

Freezing – May be due to viruses from infected emails or websites. Resolution usually involves system clean-up and installation of anti-virus software as a preventative measure.

No power/doesn’t turn on – Most commonly due to power failure/power surge, overheating, or other hard drive problems. Resolution may involve fixing or replacing the power supply or other hard drive components.

Contact Us to arrange for your emergency computer IT service support help.